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Exercise Bands


Impact Physiotherapy is a specialist chartered physiotherapy service offering the highest quality assessment, diagnosis, treatment and management of patients with musculoskeletal symptoms/injuries, neurological conditions, occupational health concerns.

We cater for all ages and we address a wide range of symptoms; including, neck, midback and lower back, shoulder, hip, knee and ankles/feet. And much more. Children must be accompanied with an adult.

Our goal is to provide a quality assessment to allow for a detailed diagnosis and use the most up to date treatment and management, to not only give quick relief but to achieve positive outcomes, to allow you to achieve your desired long term goals.  This will also assist in reducing the chances of re-injury.

With a Sports Science and Strength and Conditioning background we are ideally suited to addressing the needs of the athlete as well as the general public.  Whether elite or amateur in any sport, we cater for your needs and develop bespoke prehab, rehab and programming, designed to suit your needs, specific to your chosen sport/activity.


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