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Our Chartered Physiotherapists have over 8 years experience working within Occupational Health.  We have knowledge of working in small, medium and large multinational corporations, managing their physiotherapy Occupational Health services.

We address the needs of your business and develop a bespoke package to suit your requirements and work alongside your staff to develop an efficient service, aimed at creating a healthier workforce, effective management of staff and liaise with patient GP’s to encourage a safe, yet appropriate return to work.

Our service is efficient, adaptable, cost effective and professional.  Our physiotherapists have specific training and a vast experience in Occupational Health, Health and Safety, Ergonomics and will deliver to the demands of your business.

At Impact Physiotherapy we offer comprehensive nationwide work place assessments to facilitate your employees and provide detailed reports with advice and recommendations for any necessary adjustments or additional equipment to support the needs of your employees.

Get in touch for more details of how we can help your business and your employees.

Occupational Health In the Workplace

Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) / injuries (both in and out of work) account for approximately £7.4 billion cost to UK business per year on sick leave, and a further £15 billion on presenteeism (working while sick).  This in turn causes a reduction in productivity. 

Specialist Occupational Health Physiotherapists can provide employees and managers advice and expertise on how best to manage MSDs in the workplace and identify possible risk factors that could contribute to injuries in the workplace and encourage a proactive approach to treating and managing injuries.

By implementing Occupational Health into the workplace, your business will be providing evidence to your employees that you value their health.  This will not only assist in employee morale, it will increased productivity and decrease staff turnover, which, in turn, will further reduce costs of recruitment and training.

Impact Physiotherapy – What we do?

At Impact Physiotherapy we provide continuous effective solutions to help employees return to work safely and develop strategies to assist in the return to work process.  We also act proactively to assess, treat and manage patients who are at risk of going on sick, to prevent time lost in sickness absence.

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are complex, but solutions are simple and extremely effective.  Our specialist services are proven to deliver a return on your investment. We work along side managers, human resources and employees to deliver simple cost effective solutions and we are adaptable to suit the needs of the business.

Our tried and tested services aim to:

  • Minimise absence

  • Reduce workplace injuries

  • Maximise employee health

  • Improve productivity

  • Reduce / eliminate legal costs

  • Provide an educational platform

  • Reduce presenteeism




No occupational health management

Patient A is required to go on sick leave due to lower back pain. His GP signed him off for 6 weeks and gave him medication. After 6 weeks his symptoms had not improved and his GP signed him off for a further 6 weeks, gave him more medication and referred for an MRI.  The MRI took 8 weeks and a further 2 weeks to get a report. The MRI highlighted nothing abnormal.  The patient feeling mild improvement was forced back to work for fear of incapacity for work hearing and was worried about losing his job.

Total time sick: 16 weeks.  Total improvement in symptoms: 30%

Physical Therapist


Occupational Health Physiotherapy

Patient B is required to go on sick leave due to pain in her lower back.  Her GP gave her a 6 week sick note.  The employer referred her to their in-house Occupational Health Physiotherapist and was assessed the following week.  She was given exercises and advice on assisting with her symptoms and an appointment was booked for the following week.  At the review appointment, she had seen a 50% improvement in her symptoms.  Due to the manual nature of her role, a work place assessment was booked and the physiotherapist, along with her manager addressed her working environment. 

Together, they managed to find an easier job to do to assist her with her return to work.  At the following appointment, she had seen a further 20% improvement in her symptoms and she was keen to return to work and agreed to try the modified role. The physiotherapist liaised with her GP and the GP consented to a phased return to work, whilst continuing with further physiotherapy guidance. She returned to full duties within 2 weeks.

Total time sick: 2 weeks. Return to full duties: 4 weeks. Total improvement in symptoms: 70%

Total improvement in symptoms 90% after 5 sessions of physiotherapy


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