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We are pleased to be offering Phits+ 3D printed custom orthotics. Phits Orthotics are the worlds first high tech 3D printed orthotic insoles which are made specifically for you based on your normal walking style. Unlike other orthotics which take a mould/cast, Phits orthotics assess your foot
position while walking to give you a more dynamic insole which is designed to move with your feel and subtly correct any biomechanical issues rather than forcing your foot position, making it uncomfortable and difficult to adapt too.

Phits orthotics are affordable, environmentally friendly, significantly more comfortable and complement your foot position. They offer optimal efficiency, superior stability and provide extreme durability.

We use footscan® force plates alongside phits orthotic software to prescribe bespoke insoles which are scientifically proven to give you the perfect fitting orthotics.

3D printed insoles provide:
Superior stability
Optimal efficiency
Extreme durability
Sports specific
Shoe type specific
Very lightweight and comfortable
Environmentally friendly

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